Newspaper Display Advertising

Display advertising is available in The Keynoter, The Reporter, in UNWIND magazine and on

Newspaper Print & Online Ads


  • * Target locally based, qualified leads in print
  • * Low cost per thousand and high reach

For Information:

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  • Order by Phone: 305-743-5551 or 305-852-3216
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Classified Advertising

Do you want to advertise a garage sale, place a wedding announcement, advertise your items for sale, products, services and place public announcements? Do you need to place a celebrations announcement, an obituary or a legal advertisement? Place an online and print Classified ad in The Keynoter and Reporter newspapers:

  • * Add photos to enrich your ad's appeal to buyers
  • * Provide details to describe your ad's features
  • * Target locally based pre-qualified leads

Advertising Specifications FAQs

What Formats do you accept for camera ready advertising? We can accept Adobe Acrobat PDFs files only. PDF files produce the highest quality text and art and are compatible with all our systems. Almost all programs on the Mac and PC today can produce a PDF file.

If possible the following PDF settings should be used:

  • Postscript version: 2
  • Compatibility: Acrobat version 1.4 or 1.5.
All fonts MUST be embedded.

All colors must be CMYK - no spot colors or RGB colors are allowed. Be sure that black text is black only and does not appear on the color separations.

How should photographs be submitted for an ad?

Photographs should be JPG or TIFF files, and in most cases, should not be downsampled or reduced in size. Photographs copied from Web pages are usually not large enough (or high enough resolution) to reproduce correctly.

Photo reproduction in print uses a resolution of 150-200 dpi (pixels per inch).

Web photos are only 72 ppi, so they must be at least twice as large on screen as they will be when printed.

If you are creating images, use a resolution of 200 ppi at the printed size. If a photo is to be enlarged, the resolution must be correspondingly higher. If you can't change the resolution, be sure the photo is about twice as large as the size it will occupy when printed.

What types of fonts do you use? The Production department has many standard fonts that we use to compose ads. However, if an ad requires a specific font, you must supply the ad as a camera-ready file with the fonts embedded. Only PDF files that have embedded fonts can be reproduced exactly as you want them to look. If you want us to produce the ad, we can try to match the look you want with our existing library of fonts.
What is the smallest type I can use in an ad?

In general, black type on a white background should not be smaller than 8 point.

Type should be larger if it is reversed (white on a dark or colored background).

For disclaimers and qualifiers, the minimum size is 6 point.
What colors can I use in my ad? In the newspaper, it is not possible to print spot colors (which require a separate printing plate). All colors must be specified as CMYK. The PANTONE matching system includes swatch books for CMYK colors: the 4-Color process guide set, the solid-to-process guide, and Color Bridge. Only CMYK color specs in the guides can be used- not PANTONE (spot) colors, and not RGB colors.
How can I tell how much text will fit in an ad? It's helpful to draw a box the exact size of the ad, and to write the text inside the box. That should help you visualize how many words will fit in the ad space.
How do I submit ads or artwork electronically?


APPLICATIONS: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop

FONTS: All fonts must be embedded or outlined in the ad.

ARTWORK: Photoshop photos (grayscale or color) can either be TIFF or JPEG (preferred) formats at 200 resolution. Logos and all other artwork can be sent as TIFF, JPEG or EPS files at 250 resolution or higher. Save Illustrator artwork as an EPS with the fonts outlined. Please send color files in CMYK format. (Line screen for film is 85 lpi for black & white or color.)

DESIRED FORMAT FOR AN AD: The Keynoter accepts PDFs. All fonts must be embedded (subset) into the pdf. The ad must be built to our exact size specifications. Any font not embedded will appear as Courier. Any size deviation will cause the ad to appear distorted in our paper. If you build your ad in Adobe Photoshop, please save as a .jpg, .eps or .tiff files with a resolution of at least 200 or higher. Do not save it as a progressive document. Save any Adobe Illustrator files as an .eps with the fonts outlined.

Ads can be e-mailed* to: and also, please cc your salesperson

Ads and/or artwork may be compressed into a zip file that can be e-mailed* to: and also, please cc your salesperson

Mechanical Specifications Column sizes in inches for ROP and CLASSIFIED in the Keynoter & Reporter are:
1 column 2 column 3 column 4 column 5 column 6 column
1.597" 3.32" 5.04" 6.76" 8.49" 10.20"

Double Truck: 21.40"

Depth is in "actual inches".

Broadsheet depth is 20.5 inches

Tabloid depth is 9.88 inches

Mechanical Specifications

Unwind Magazine

Magazine Trim Size: 8.375"x10.875"

Paper: 60# ctd text 80# CVR cover

Printing: 4/4 full bleed (1/4" bleeds)

Binding: Saddle Stitch

Width x Height With Bleeds
Full Page: 7.375" x 9.875" 8.875" x 11.375"
2 Page Spread: 15.75" x 9.875" 17.25" x 11.375"
Half Page Vertical: 3.5938" x 9.875" 4.3438" x 11.375"
Half Page Horizontal: 7.375" x 4.8438" 8.875" x 5.5938"
Quarter Page: 3.5938" x 4.8438"
Directory Page: 3.5938" x 2.3282"

If you have questions, call the Keynoter Production department at (305) 743-5551

* This information as a pdf