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The left’s real end game

This is a process. The Left has a process: It first begins with bringing down Confederate heroes like Gen. Robert E. Lee because he and others like him fought for the Confederacy. The argument is not that they committed treason against the Union of the United States of America; but that they fought for the South that wanted to keep slavery.

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Observational Therapy

The whole history thing was a monumental shift as I arrived in the Keys to pursue a career based in fiction. While the freedom writing fiction provides can be liberating, I find the structure history provides soothing


Traffickers carrying 30 Cuban migrants arrested by the feds off Key Largo

Human traffickers were caught by federal authorities carrying more than 30 migrants from Cuba early Sunday off northern Key Largo. A law enforcement source says the people were brought in on a 40-foot speed boat about 500 yards off the gated Ocean Reef community. The go-fast boat was intercepted by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations crew.