Face facts: The way you drive could kill someone

A strange phenomenon happens when you’re traveling on both the 18-Mile Stretch or Card Sound Road — the two roads leading in and out of the Keys. No matter how fast you drive, you typically arrive at the end of the road at just about the same time as the other drivers with whom you began your journey.

Letters to the Editor

Keys to Peace says thanks

In the spirit of kindness, Keys To Peace wants to thank everyone. On April 9, the community came together to enjoy a beautiful, spring day at our Kindness Festival and GIVEAWAY, held at the Morada Way Arts and Cultural District, in Islamorada. The goal of this festival is to promote kindness and compassion throughout Islamorada and Key Largo. The event was a great success and we hope all participating enjoyed it as much as we did.

Letters to the Editor

‘No’ to big art

I went on line to look at the (very) large pieces of art proposed to be donated to the village as per a podium plea at last week's Village Council meeting for an immediate vote. Thank you for slowing down the process and not voting on it at the meeting.

Letters to the Editor

The gift of trees

This week 200 native trees made their way to Florida Keys Electric Cooperative members through the co-op’s energy-saving tree program – an offer brought to residents in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Letters to the Editor

Bill an unfair gift to charter schools

On Monday, Florida needed one more senator to vote NO to stop HB 7069, a massive education budget-conforming “train,” which requires low performing public schools (a.k.a those serving mostly low socioeconomic students) to close or be privatized and become part of a state selected, corporate charter network, beginning July 1. HB7069 removes the requirement that such charters be nonprofit; it removes the requirement that they comply with local zoning ordinances; it removes a district's ability to negotiate beyond a standard charter contract; and it requires districts to find unused space in district owned buildings where the charter networks can set up shop.


In search of a Cuban chug

Our history columnist and curator of the Keys History & Discovery Center is looking for refugees’ chugs, rafts and other makeshift vessels in the wake of Wet-Foot, Dry-Foot’s demise.


A windy, sunny day in Key West

A windy Sunday in Key West kicked up waves and treated boaters to choppy rides. Visitors and locals enjoyed the breezy, sunny day on April 30, 2017.
A windy, sunny day in Key West 0:53

A windy, sunny day in Key West

Dolphins visit Key West for Naval training 1:32

Dolphins visit Key West for Naval training

Meteor burning up over Lower Keys caught on dashcam 0:21

Meteor burning up over Lower Keys caught on dashcam

Keys Detention Center stages Easter egg hunt 1:33

Keys Detention Center stages Easter egg hunt