Letters to the Editor

Biscayne park plan is very flawed

Biscayne National Park and its managers failed to earn the public’s trust in the development of a highly manipulated General Management Plan worthy of an investigation by the Inspector General’s office. The plan so misleading, Rep. Carlos Curbelo was granted a House Natural Resources Committee Field Hearing in August of 2015 in Homestead to address it.


No marine reserve needed in Biscayne

As a Miami native who grew up fishing in Biscayne Bay, on the local reefs and its offshore waters, I support the Access to Sportfishing Act of 2016, a bill supported by senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio. There is no need to close any section of Biscayne National Park or the local reefs to recreational fishing.

Letters to the Editor

Kids win at fishing event

The Grace Jones Daycare cannot thank the Key Colony Beach Fishing and Boating Club for its very, very generous donation of $5,000 to our center. Not only did we receive this enormous donation but our children got to participate for free in their annual Kid's Fishing Derby on the Marathon Lady.

Letters to the Editor

Upstate problems threatening Florida Bay

Whether it’s fishing, sightseeing or beach going, South Florida’s economy is fueled by water. Without clean water, or the right balance of salt and fresh water in our estuaries, our waterways would be less desirable and Florida would not be the global tourist destination that it is today.


Booze is more dangerous than pot

I just read an article about the deaths from using marijuana. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last year 17,465 deaths from using hard drugs — heroin, cocaine, crack, PCP, etc.

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County needs to do more on Florida Bay

Congratulations and a deep thank you to the Islamorada Village Council for joining Martin County, Miami-Dade County and taking the lead in Monroe County asking the state of Florida to make meaningful changes in water management policies.

Opinion Columns

No marine reserve needed in Biscayne park

Nowadays, bipartisanship within Congress is about as rare as recreational red snapper fishing in federal waters (zero days in the South Atlantic, 11 days in the Gulf of Mexico). That’s what makes it especially heartening to see Florida’s congressional leaders stepping up to ensure fishing access in one of South Florida’s most popular fishing areas, Biscayne National Park.

Letters to the Editor

Beware of scammers

As technology advances and cultural norms shift, financial fraud scammers may try new tactics to target victims. As we go about our lives, many of us do not stop to consider how our everyday actions are creating risk.

Letters to the Editor

Uber isn’t welcome in the Southernmost City

People calling to vilify the Key West City Commission's Uber decision [continue not allowing it for now] don't understand the issue. Commissioners had to consider potential legal ramifications of Uber's business model of wanting all of the gravy with none of the buy-in, liability or responsibility. In federal court, Uber has faced more lawsuits than any other U.S. start-up valued at $10 billion or more.

Letters to the Editor

End subsidies for Big Sugar

I’m sure by now everyone in Florida, unless they don’t have acces to the news, is aware of the ecological disaster takin gplace in the St. Lucie River and Caloosahatchie estuary. This entire scenario was preventable.

Letters to the Editor

Thanks in our family’s time of need

Thanks you so much for the outpouring of condolences and support the community has given us over the loss of our mother. A relative from out of town remarked to us that this is a wonderful, caring community that comes together when one of its own is in need, and we could not agree more.


Biscayne Bay terrorism training

Biscayne Bay terrorism training, Miami Dade SWAT and federal agents on the Biscayne Lady vessel. This is a drill. Reporter, Keynoter and Flkeysnews.com are the only media on the boat. Video by David Goodhue, July 6, 2016.
David Goodhue dgoodhue@keysreporter.com
Biscayne Bay terrorism training 0:46

Biscayne Bay terrorism training

Key Largo July 4th Parade 1:56

Key Largo July 4th Parade

Rehabbed turtle released 1:48

Rehabbed turtle released

Miami grad overcomes life of hardships 1:34

Miami grad overcomes life of hardships