Letters to the Editor

Don’t scapegoat the NRA

Seventeen innocent high school students were murdered in Florida. Their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were summarily terminated. These constitutional liberties, along with their lives were murderously eradicated, through no fault of their own. Government protections, of any type, were not afforded to these defenseless children.

Letters to the Editor

A lesson on guns for the misinformed

It is counterproductive when uninformed or misinformed members of the media begin to pontificate how guns should be controlled to prevent another school shooting tragedy. An editorial in the Keynoter and Reporter was particularly upset over an idea in an outdoor sporting catalog that advertised “high-capacity clips” for .308 ammunition.

Letters to the Editor

Opposes changes

Monroe County commissioners, County Administrator Roman Gastesi and Planning Director Mayte Santamaria are on the verge of executing a plan that will end life as we know it in our beloved island homes, neighborhoods and communities.

Letters to the Editor

Please don’t end print in Florida Keys

To say that we we are disappointed that the print editions of the Reporter, Keynoter and the Herald will be ending, is putting it mildly. We, here in The Keys, have counted on these newspapers to be delivered to our homes for many, many years and will sorely miss that tangible newspaper that we can hold in our hands. The picking it up in the driveway in the early morning hours, the reading of it at the breakfast table with that first cup of coffee, taking in the first news of the day after opening up the pages of the paper.

Crews work through night to douse Big Pine Key brush fire

Fire crews work to extinguish a brush fire on Big Pine Key, Florida on Monday, April 23, 2018, the local sheriff’s office said. No evacuations had been ordered.
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