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Backcountry’s been a comfortable payoff to escape the winds

A relatively windy week keeps conditions cooler on the water for most anglers while sending those with smaller boats retreating to the bayside. Those that did head offshore were rewarded with lots of color in their coolers and salt in their hair. While those that went bayside encountered tarpon, snook and lots of mangrove snappers.


Good divers never stop learning

Listening to new divers signing up for scuba trips in the Florida Keys, I often think of the exchange between Dustin Hoffman, playing Raymond, and Tom Cruise, playing Charlie, in the 1988 movie Rain Man


Mangrove snapper bite is strong

It’s a bit blowy out there for July, which has kept some at the dock, while others have opted to fish in the calmer bay and gulf waters where there are lots of sharks and Goliath grouper and a pretty good mangrove snapper bite.


Keys schools: Opportunity for fishing teams

Participation in rough-and-tumble sports is a great way to get high-schoolers exercising. But there are many students who want a different type of adrenaline rush than getting tackled on the football field or tossed in the air while cheering for their team — fishing


Know the risks of mini-season

For many “bug” hunters the two day spiny lobster mini-season or, “sport season” (which begins at 12:01 am on Wednesday July 27 and ends at 12 midnight on Thursday July 28) is like Christmas, Halloween, the Fourth of July and the best Super Bowl ever rolled into one fantastic celebration.


It’s snapper time in Keys waters

If you’re looking to stock your freezer with delicious snappers, and have a lot of fun doing it, now is the time. The reef bit is on fire for yellowtail, mangrove and mutton snappers and even still a few groupers.


Summer Classic tournament set for Islamorada

Anglers of all ages and experience levels can register for the multi-species Islamorada Summer Classic set for July 8 to 10. The Summer Classic follows a weight-and-release format to promote responsible use of the Florida Keys’ natural resources and maintain healthy fisheries.


Giant gator walks through Florida golf course

Word about a giant alligator that prowls on and near a Manatee County golf course has gone worldwide. This video was taken at Buffalo Creek Golf Course.
Ken Powell
Giant gator walks through Florida golf course 0:51

Giant gator walks through Florida golf course

Biscayne Bay terrorism training 0:46

Biscayne Bay terrorism training

Key Largo July 4th Parade 1:56

Key Largo July 4th Parade

Rehabbed turtle released 1:48

Rehabbed turtle released