Print Publication Ceases

The Keynoter and the Reporter, community newspapers in the Florida Keys, will end print publication March 25, 2018 as news coverage shifts to a digital-only focus that will offer readers more frequent updates through the day as well as exclusive in-depth stories about life in Monroe County.

The weekly Reporter and twice-weekly Keynoter are owned by the McClatchy Company and are subsidiaries of the Miami Herald Media Company. The Miami Herald will cease home delivery to the Florida Keys at that point as well.

Readers will be able to get the latest news from the Keys for free at, or with a digital subscription to the Miami Herald or el Nuevo Herald. In print, the Miami Herald Neighbors South Miami-Dade section will feature expanded coverage of Keys news.

To Obtain Back Issues

Back issues of the Keynoter & The Reporter may be available for the past year. Click here to order an issue. Because of demand, we cannot guarantee availability.


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