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'Die!' is a comedy to die for

The Waterfront Playhouse in Key West gets taken over by comedy with "Die, Mommie, Die!"

The play was written by playwright and drag diva Charles Busch and stars Key West's Randy Roberts and along with other cast members. "Die Mommie Die!" is an homage to 1960s movies that featured aging stars like Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Lana Turner.

So what's a gal to do when her awful husband stands in the way of her finding happiness in the arms of her hot, younger lover? That's only the start of her problems. She has a sex-crazed daughter who brings new meaning to "daddy's girl" and a weird son who likes to play footsie with her lover. Stir in a snarky maid who's in love with the lady of the house's husband.

"Die, Mommie, Die!" is directed by Murphy Davis. Set design is by Michael Boyer; costumes by J.B. McLendon, Randy Roberts and Sushi; and lighting is by John Jaworski. Carmen Rodriguez is in charge of props; the stage manager is Trish Manley.

Roberts stars as Angela Arden, the long-suffering heroine with a heart of tin. David Black plays Sol, the film producer husband who's a bit blocked, shall we say? Erin McKenna and Matt Hollis Hulsey play Angela's spoiled kids; Rock Solomon is the full-service stud with a few secrets of his own; and Traci Reynolds plays Bootsie, the mouthy maid.

The show plays through May 28. Tickets are $40 and available at or by calling (305) 294-5015. The theater is at 310 Wall St. at Mallory Square.