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Netflix releasing second, and perhaps the last, season of Keys-made 'Bloodline'

Ben Mendelsohn (left) returns as Danny in flashbacks. Brother John (Kyle Chandler) is in line to be sheriff.
Ben Mendelsohn (left) returns as Danny in flashbacks. Brother John (Kyle Chandler) is in line to be sheriff.

Ending the speculation of what to expect from the Rayburn family, Season 2 of Netflix's Keys-made "Bloodline" starts May 27.

The season consists of 10 episodes. Last year's first season was 13 episodes -- enough to get people hooked on the show filmed at various Islamorada locations and at a Homestead sound stage. Netflix has called it among its most popular original series.

For those not in the loop, "Bloodline" tells the story of the Rayburn family, who run an Islamorada hotel and "whose secrets and scars are revealed when the black-sheep oldest brother returns home."

That was Danny (Ben Mendelsohn, "The Dark Knight Rises"), who emerged as one of the series' most intriguing and complex characters.

That created a conundrum for "Bloodline" producers since Danny, who managed to be both sympathetic and menacing, met his end in the shallow waters of a bayside flat. He returns in Season 2 via flashbacks to flesh out his missing years.

Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights") is his brother John, a Sheriff's Office deputy in line for the agency's top spot in Season 2. Investigators and more nefarious types looking into Danny's demise could shine an unwanted light on the Rayburns' dark secret.

Other cast members are Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek ("Carrie") as family matriarch Sally Rayburn and Linda Cardellini ("Mad Men" and "ER") as lawyer sister Meg Rayburn. Andrea Erisborough ("Birdman") joins the cast as Evangaline and John Leguizamo ("Jekyll Island") as Ozzy Delvecchio, both of whom have ties to Danny's past.

The Moorings Village and Spa resort (123 Beach Road at mile marker 81.9) serves as the Rayburns' hotel. Other locations where filming was done last year include Alabama Jack's and the Caribbean Club in Key Largo, Long Key State Park and, in Islamorada, at Anne's Beach, Robbie's Marina, the Whistle Stop, the OceanView Inn & Pub and the Green Turtle Inn.

For this season, soak in all the drama of "Bloodline" because it could be the last one. That's because a state program offering tax credits for entertainment productions is out of cash.

The $300 million state program created in 2010 expired in July and the pool of tax credits has been exhausted. The first two seasons of "Bloodline" benefitted from the tax credits but no such credits remain to encourage more in-state filming. Other states, most notably Georgia, have been luring productions with tax breaks.

Production on the first 13-episode season of "Bloodline" generated $30 million in direct production expenditures, says a report commissioned by the Monroe County Tourist Development Council. Of that, about $6 million was spent in the Keys.

The show's first season also resulted in a "conservative estimate" of $65 million in additional tourism spending by Netflix viewers drawn to the Keys by the series, the report says.

Judging from posts on the official Facebook page for "Bloodline," the series would be sorely missed because people are counting down to Season 2's debut:

  • "Lord it's has been a long time coming!"

  • "Some shows are good [for] binge watching, some are not. This one seems to be born to make us become one with the couch. Can't wait!"

  • "Just finished Season 1 last night and it was awesome! So excited for Season 2! Great show, actors and beautiful scenery!"

  • "Right now I am rewatching the first season again. I am Danny in a lot of ways (without the drugs and the bad habits) and I just can't wait for Season 2."

  • "John is the Rayburn that you've known since grade school and went to the prom with in high school. And then he married that pretty skinny chick. He gets what he deserves now."

  • The Rayburns have 99 problems and Danny is all of them. I am so excited about the new season. Best show on Netflix!"

  • "Danny's gone. But not forgotten."