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Mini-season reports and video

Lobster mini-season 2008 in the Florida Keys ended at midnight Thursday, July 31. While lots of lobster were harvested, businesses and traffic got a boost — though possibly less than in some recent years.

Mini-season coverage

Reporter David Ball rode with a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer, see the FWC on patrol video from their Thursday morning: checking on divers, issuing a safety citation and making sure caught lobsters measure up.

Senior Reporter Kevin Wadlow wraps up a mostly mellow mini-season that nevertheless saw two fatalities, possibly from diving incidents.

Is it coincidence? The largest sculpture of a Florida lobster in America is missing from its Plantation Key home. It's The hunt for Betsey.

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Watch out for those lobster divers, they're everywhere by Dave Navarro.

Make the most of your catch: Florida lobster is easy to make deliciously

A boatload of seafood recipies from Keys chefs in Food & Dining,

including Lobster Lavash Club.

2008 Mini-season preview

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