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Keys candidate will be in jail yard when he finds out if he's elected

District 1 Mosquito Control Board candidate Andy Williams will find out the results of his election Tuesday from a cell in the Monroe County Detention Center -- but he can still vote.

Williams was arrested Oct. 21 and is being held with no bond after violating his probation by failing a drug test on Oct. 16.

As of Friday, the Republican hadn't cast a ballot. But he has until the end of polling Tuesday to write a letter to Elections Supervisor Harry Sawyer designating someone to pick up an absentee ballot for him. That person can then take it to Williams at the jail. If he fills it out, his designee would then return it to the elections office.

According to Williams' attorney, Richard Wunsch, a hearing is set for Nov. 6 at 8:45 a.m. before Circuit Court Judge Mark Jones. Wunsch didn't comment on the particulars of the case but said Williams has already entered a denial.

"On the 6th, we [formally] enter a denial and either the denial stands and the judge sets an evidentiary hearing or you can enter into an admission and he's sentenced," he said.

Wunsch said if a hearing is set, it would likely be in late November or December.

This is the second time Williams will appear before Jones for violating his drug-offender probation. The probation is the result of a felony cocaine possession charge. Overall, Williams has been arrested nine times in 2008.

Williams was arrested and released Aug. 29 -- three days after defeating Pat Unferth in the Republican primary -- for missing a scheduled drug test. He then missed another drug test and was jailed for nine days before being released again Sept. 30.

Adjudication has been withheld on the initial drug charge, meaning Williams is allowed to remain on the ballot to face 16-year incumbent Joan Lord-Papy, a Democrat, in a rematch of the 2004 race.

State Attorney's Office spokesman Matthew Helmerich has said Williams would be forced to vacate the seat if he wins the election and is then adjudicated guilty of the felony charge.

The troubles seemed to mount for Williams Friday. That's when a weekly Key West newspaper printed a story claiming Williams appeared in a gay pornography video in 2002.