Art partners with Keys schools

The Florida Keys Council of the Arts has grants available for artists to collaborate with Monroe County schools on various projects.

The Artists in Schools grant program (deadline to apply is June 30 for the school’s fall term) is for teaching artists in the performing, visual, literary or historical arts. All Monroe County public and private schools, as well as other organizations that serve children ages 5 to 18, are eligible to apply.

Project and student goals:

▪ To use art of any genre to expand the students’ understanding of concepts within a selected curriculum.

▪ To bring something new to the student’s experience.

▪ To work with an artist and to have him/her as a professional role model.

▪ To increase knowledge of an art form.

▪ To be share new skills or techniques with students.

▪ To increase students’ sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

▪ To enhance students’ powers of perception and creative communication.

Artist in Schools grants are up to $2,000 each for the artist’s time and materials on a reimbursement basis upon completion of an approved final report.

The Arts Council also has what it calls a Special Project Grant “to provide short-term support to vital, creative projects that do not fit into the other grant categories.” Funding is limited to once in three years. The application deadline is June 30.

Funding is available up to $1,000 per request. Requests greater than $2,000 will be considered depending on money available at the time of the request. Call the Florida Keys Council of the Arts at (305_ 295-4369 or send an email to