More hotels now eligible for Water CHAMP

The South Florida Water Management District is expanding its fledgling Water Conservation Hotel and Motel Program.

Water CHAMP was introduced in the Keys last year as a pilot program for the district. The idea is simple -- install aerators on bathroom faucets and encourage guests to reuse towels and linens.

There are 17 Keys hotels and motels enrolled so far. Participants say the program has reduced water use by hundreds of thousands of gallons.

The program also save money through lower water bills and reduced laundry and labor costs.

When the program was first introduced, it was limited to lodging facilities of fewer than 100 rooms, but the district has expanded eligibility to hotels with 100 rooms or larger.

The district provides all materials -- including educational and promotional items for guests and employees -- free of charge.

Hotels that are not already designated as Florida Green Lodging through the Department of Environmental Protection are eligible to participate.

Call Tom Genovese at 453-1275 to sign up.