GLEE adds Mariners to its green ranks

Mariners Hospital in Tavernier has become the first medical facility in the Florida Keys to become certified in GLEE’s Green Business Certification Program.

“We are greening our facility step by step by implementing sustainability practices and making plans for further improvements,” Jill Miranda Baker, manager of Medical Staff Services and Mariners’ Green Team leader, said after learning of the honor from Green Living and Energy Education.

Eco-friendly practices include a move toward greater energy efficiency. For example, Mariners has begun replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LED lighting, an investment expected to pay for itself with energy-savings during a two-year time frame.

“Finding new ways to conserve energy is the right thing to do,” said Carlos Hernandez, Baptist Health’s director of Corporate Development. “LED lights are not as hot and they contain no mercury.”

Mariners Facilities Supervisor Randy Crenshaw described another major savings of resources and cost — a closed-loop air conditioning system that doesn’t waste water and provides superior efficiency over traditional central A/C systems.

Paper use also has decreased. Large documents, such as the Baptist Health (Mariners is part of Baptist Health) annual employee benefits manual, are available electronically to the organization’s 14,000 employees, eliminating the need to print and distribute multiple copies of the 40-page document.

Additionally, by conducting a thorough waste audit, Mariners has reduced solid waste and increased recycling: Confidential papers are shredded and then collected for recycling; bins located throughout the campus make recycling of cardboard, newspapers, plastics and aluminum easier for staff and visitors; and printer cartridges are recycled.

Landscaping practices at Mariners include native and drought-resistant plants and trees with a closely monitored irrigation system. Measures to allow rainwater collection for use on landscaping is on the horizon, according to Green Team members.

For more information about GLEE’s Green Business Certification Program, contact Bridget McDonald at or call 923-1994.