A tropical weather nut's links

All the sites you need to obsessively watch the tropics.

Many people who live in the Keys simply enjoy the abundant sun and warm breezes and never think much about the weather.

But anyone who's been here long enough knows it pays to keep an eye on the tropics during the summer.

Summer is a glorious time. Growth is lush. Days are long, the water's warm. Which means the nearby oceans — oceans that produce our usually glorious weather — turn into steaming bowls of tropical soup.

I beg the pardon of those who hate the term "hurricane season," but summer = warm water and lots of sun, which = hurricane season.

Officially, the hurricane (or tropical cyclone) season is June 1 to Dec. 1. It's the most likely time of year for tropical disturbances to turn into tropical depressions and possibly tropical storms, and possibly hurricanes. And possibly big, intense hurricanes.

The websites listed below are more than anyone needs to stay well-informed. This is deep intell for people who want to look obsessively at the tropics, who are fascinated by the power of tropical weather, who want to figure it out and see the charts and maps and satellite images that visualize it.

This list includes sites of government agencies and the military, as well as university, commercial, personal and nonprofit sites. Use only official government sites for making what could be life-or-death decisions. The National Hurricane Center site is the official source for hurricane forecasts and warnings: NHC home page.

For local government, see the Local info page.

For more hurricane information, see the Hurricane section.

Hurricane forecasting, models and information

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
CIMSS Tropical Cyclones
ECMWF - European weather model
Experimental forecast Tropical Cyclone Genesis Potential Fields- FSU site for weather models
FNMOC Satellite Data Tropical Cyclone Homepage
CIMSS 24-Hour Shear Tendency Analysis Interactive Tracking Map
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) Home
UK Met Office - Tropical cyclones
Navy hurricanes, typhoons, satellite images, forecasts, tracks
Navy model plotter
NBC6 Hurricane Tracker
NCEP-Forecast models
NRL Cyclone tracks-satellites
Numerical Models Nexlab, College of DuPage
Operational Model Guidance Products for Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Storm2k - Excellent weather information and discussion site
NOAA Surface Wind Analysis
UKMET Sea Level Pressure - model output
Weather Underground Tropical Storm Computer Model Hurricane Forecasts
Western North Atlantic Layer-Mean Wind Analyses
WREL Online! HurricaneCenter for VA-Mid Atlantic

Radar and satellite sites

Central America - 4 km Visible - RAMSDIS
EUMETSAT - Meteosat Satellite Images, Products and Derived Imagery
Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA Earth Science Office
Miami Nextad radar loop — UCAR
Miami Nexrad radar Dupage
NASA GOES 12-East visible satellite
NASA GOES hurricane sector viewer
Navy Lan Satellite viewer
Nexrad - US RAP page
Miami Nexrad - Weather Underground
NRL Satellite Products
NWS - US Radar-Forecast - Home
NWS Miami Nexrad
Satellite - UW Loops selector
Satellite links page
NRL Tropical Images
Tropical Satellite Imagery - NOAA
US East - West - RAMSDIS
US East Water Vapor (IR3) - - loop - RAMSDID
US East-West GOES 12-10 - RAP
Weather Images .com tropics

Storm history, facts and references

NOAA FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoons and tropical cyclones defined.
Florida Photographic Collection
Global ISCCP B1 Browse System
NOAA CSC Historical Hurricane Tracks map generator application
Hurricane Surge Prediction - Understanding the Destructive Flooding Associated with Hurricanes
List of notable tropical cyclones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MetEd Topics: Hurricanes-Tropical
Hurricane Research Division: Hurricane Re-Analysis Project
National Hurricane Center: The Deadliest Atlantic Tropical Cyclones, 1492-1996
NHC: The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale