Monroe County should stop wasting money

To the Editor: I heard County Mayor George Neugent on The Bill Becker radio program on Friday pounding his chest about challenging the recent reversal of the county’s buddy Judge Audlin’s asinine ruling on baring lawsuits due to the expiration of the four-year statue of limitation law.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe all the pounding in the world will get this opinion in front of the Florida Supreme court. I have been following this case for almost a decade now and if anyone made this case go beyond the four-year statute of limitation issue it would be the county.

The Collins case has already consumed over three million of our much needed tax dollars and to continue this case any longer would gulp up probably another three to four million and that would not include the plaintiff’s lawyers.

The ramifications of pursuing these frivolous lawsuits are something that not even the biggest tree hugger in this county could afford. It’s my guess when these lawsuits start to get into the pockets of our fine citizens here, and they will; the word tree hugger and Neugent will be reclassified as a new four letter word and just maybe the pendulum of sanity will move just a little farther to the right. God I hope so.

Salvador Gutierrez Jr.

Key Largo