In profanity-laced language, brother of suspect in police shootout in the Keys threatens cop, several others

The 18-year-old brother of Timothy Thomas, the man accused of attempted murder of a police officer stemming from an Oct. 24 shootout on Stock Island, is accused of threatening a Key West police officer, three members of his family and two others.

Tyler Thurston was picked up where he lives in Orlando and returned to Monroe County on Friday on a felony warrant charging him with aggravated stalking. Bond is $200,000.

The warrant says text and Facebook threats were made against Key West police officer Gary Lee Lovette, his wife, his sister-in-law Rachyl Williams, his mother-in-law and two juveniles, at least one of whom is a student at the Key West Collegiate Academy charter school.

The threats started coming at 11:34 p.m. on Oct. 25, just hours after Thomas, 25, surrendered after being surrounded at a house in Key West.

"In the messages, Thurston is angry because he believes that ... Lovette or Williams is saying negative things about his family," Officer Tiffany Beeman wrote in her report. Officer Michael Chaustit wrote in his report that Thurston "mentioned a Beretta 92FS and that he was pushed to the edge."

Lovette told fellow officers that Thurston "does not like Williams because she is engaged to his older brother Shequan Thomas."

In the first text message sent to a 17-year-old girl, according to law enforcement records, Thurston wrote, "i ever hear bout yall saying sumn bout my family again, idc if it's a lie, ima make sure all yall beg for your f--- lives. I'll kill yall, you, your friend, her mom, sisters, idgaf, I got a 357 magnum fully loaded and a 9 ruger with 16 bullets waiting for yalls names to pop back up in my f--- ear.

"Think im f---playin, I know where yall live, I'll kill everybody in the house.... that bitch ass cop bet not every try to f--- take credit for sumn he didn't do and act like i owe yall sumn, year right bitch, I owe yall headshots if anything!..i'll shoot him first and shoot anybody else that got a f--- problem with it, better find someone else to play with, you really got the wrong mutha f---, i promise you that! you gon find the drama you lookin for!"

At another point, Thurston wrote, "im f--- up but idc. & bc her f--- family and maddy keeps talking s--- bout my mom saying timmy in prison cus my mom aint s--- and he had a s--- life then tried to take credit for timmy surrending."

Shortly after Thomas' arrest, David Dwanne Gray, 27, his cousin, was arrested at the Von Phister house where Thomas was arrested. He faces felony charges including cocaine possession, marijuana possession and drug trafficking.