Klitenick, booted from Key West board, now back on and the vice chairman

Richard Klitenick was removed from the Key West Planning Board at the Nov. 4 City Commission meeting. Now he's a week and a half into being vice chairman of the board.

Klitenick was removed from the Planning Board at the commission's Nov. 4 meeting in a 4-3 vote because new Commissioner Richard Payne wanted his own appointment to that seat rather than inheriting Klitenick. But on Nov. 18, fellow new Commissioner Margaret Romero made him her appointment to the board.

Payne said Klitenick didn't fit his "philosophy" and that he is "pro-development." He also said he had concerns about missed meetings.

Asked if Romero's appointment undermined his goal to have Klitenick removed, Payne said he respects Romero's decision. Klitenick's term ends June 3, 2018. 

"All new commissioners have the absolute right to appoint people they want to various boards," Payne said. "That's her decision."

Payne made retired restaurant owner Fredy Varela Sr. his replacement on the board to replace Klitenick. Besides those two, James Gilleran, Cristy Spottswood, Michael Browning, Chairman Sam Holland, Jr. and Peter Pike round out the Planning Board.