Stock Island man jailed for throwing ax at father

A Stock Island man was jailed Monday after police said he threw an ax at his father during a family dispute.

Austin Odom, 26, allegedly hurled the ax around 10 a.m. inside their home at 6475 2nd St., apartment C, after 47-year-old Raymond Odom asked his son for money to buy food, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. David Lariz.

The younger Odom became angry over the request, slapped a $100 bill onto the counter and chopped it in half with the ax, police said. Then he threw the ax at his dad, who ducked and put up his hand to protect his head. The ax struck him on the wrist.

A witness said he he was across the street when he heard someone screaming for help and walked over to see what was happening, police said.

“He saw the victim holding his wrist,” said Deputy Becky Herrin. “The witness confronted the suspect and talked him into handing over the ax.”

Deputies arrived to find the witness, seize the ax and find the suspect upstairs.

The victim was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center where he was being treated for serious injuries to his wrist Monday. The suspect told Deputy Matt Dowling his father was bothering him about money.

Austin Odom said he refused to give him money and his father called him names, according to Herrin. He said he became enraged and threw the ax at his father.

The suspect was booked on a charge of battery with a deadly weapon and he was booked into the Stock Island Detention Center without bond.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen