Key West plumber says 1/4-pound weed, 32 grams of cocaine is for personal use

A Key West plumber was jailed Tuesday after police said he was found with a quarter-pound of marijuana at his home and 32 grams of cocaine in his van’s center console.

Paul Raymond Fraga, 61, said the drugs in his van were for his personal use and then added he had a quarter-pound of marijuana inside his home at 2904 Seidenberg Ave., according to the arrest report by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Fraga, who owns Pipes Plumbing, was booked for felony cocaine trafficking and felony possession of marijuana, along with misdemeanor drug paraphernalia for having two roach clips, a digital scale and one glass pipe that contained marijuana residue.

Fraga bonded out of jail Wednesday after posting $10,000.

The drug bust was the result of a 2 p.m. Tuesday traffic stop at Atlantic Boulevard when Deputy Garrett Bragg spotted a white Ford van with darker windshield tint than the law allows. The van’s interior reeked of marijuana, police said.

“We informed Fraga of the strong odor of fresh marijuana and he spontaneously uttered that he just smoked a joint in the vehicle,” Bragg wrote.

Police said they found a round, red cookie tin that contained marijuana and a partially smoked joint on the floorboard. In the center console was a vacuum-sealed bag filled with cocaine, the arrest report stated. At Fraga’s home, police seized a digital scale, a glass pipe and the quarter pound of marijuana.

Fraga was first issued a Florida registered plumbing contractor’s license in 1988, according to state records.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen