2 Key West bartenders busted on meth, cocaine charges

Two Key West bartenders were jailed Thursday night after a traffic stop turned into a drug bust in which one was packing a concealed handgun, according to police.

Destiny Gagliano, 27, and Lindsay Rae Stephens, 34, aka Lindsay Scarborough, were pulled over in a Kia Soul at about 7:06 p.m. after police said Stephens ran a stop sign on Trinity Drive and then raced at about 50 mph along Northside Drive.

“I asked Stephens why she as driving so fast and she advised that they were late for work,” according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

A K-9 alerted deputies to narcotics in the car and found inside a black leather backpack were three individual plastic bags each holding about a half gram of a mixture of cocaine and methamphetamine, police said. Also found was $634 in denominations police say are consistent with drug sales and a loaded.380 Smith and Wesson M & P Bodyguard.

Stephens was booked for felony cocaine and methamphetamine possession, felony weapon offense for having a firearm during a felony crime and misdemeanor drug equipment.

Gagliano was booked for felony cocaine and prescription drug possession. Deputies found a green tablet wrapped in cellophane that Gagliano said someone gave her but she was too afraid to take it, the report stated. She also admitted to having a small plastic bag with a mixture of cocaine and meth that weighed about 0.3 grams.

Both women also had suspended driver’s licenses and Stephens’ car had a seize tag order on it.

At press time, a mugshot of Stephens was not available from the Sheriff’s Office.