Keys grand theft fugitive charged in grisly murder in New York

A grand theft fugitive who eluded Monroe County Sheriff Office deputies back in November by driving a stolen Mercedes Benz into a Big Pine Key canal, swimming away under cover of the night and then driving a stolen Ford F-150 pickup truck out of the Keys is in jail in upstate New York, awaiting trial on charges for a grisly murder committed there in early December.

On Dec. 8, less than a month after he escaped the Keys, Corey Slattery, 28, invited a man named Aikeem Hudgins, 29, to his apartment in Cicero, N.Y., strangled him, then slit his throat, according to a February Onondaga County grand jury indictment. Neither the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office nor the District Attorney’s Office have released a possible motive, but both men’s criminal histories indicate Hudgins was at Slattery’s apartment to either buy or sell drugs.

Two days later, Slattery and a woman, Connie Ingoldby, 48, placed a container carrying Hudgins’ body in a van belonging to Ingoldby’s husband. Slattery bought a chainsaw, then drove the van to nearby Oswego County, where he dismembered the corpse, according to the indictment. Hudgins’ torso was found badly burned, according to court records, and police found some of his severed remains in plastic garbage bags in several dumpsters throughout Oswego.

Slattery pleaded not guilty in February to second-degree murder, strangulation, criminal possession of a weapon, conspiracy and concealment of a corpse. Ingoldby pleaded not guilty to felony conspiracy, concealment of a corpse and hindering prosecution.

Her lawyer, William Kurtz, said his client never met Slattery until several days after the murder, and she was at his apartment looking for drugs. She did not know there was a dead person in the container and she did not participate in carving up Hudgins’ body, Kurtz said. The body was already in separate pieces when it was in the container, Kurtz said.

“She thought it was a dog,” he said Monday. “She finally figured out, ‘there’s no dog here.’ ”

Kurtz said Ingoldby agreed to let Slattery use the van in exchange for drugs. He said she’s an addict with 10 children. According to Kurtz, Ingoldby planned to go to the police once she found out detectives were looking for her husband to question him about the van. But Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office detectives got to Ingoldby first. They arrested her and Slattery on Dec. 17.

Kurtz said his client is cooperating with detectives and the district attorney.

Slattery was in Key West in November with another man, Charlie Altman, Assistant Monroe County State Attorney Christine Poist said. The men were traveling together and staying at the Casa Marina Resort on Reynolds Street. Slattery told a valet parking attendant that his companion’s 2007 Mercedes Benz was his, and the attendant pulled it up for him, and Slattery drove off. Altman reported the car stolen.

Around 1:45 a.m. Nov. 14, a deputy spotted the car driving northbound on U.S. 1 going between 120 to 130 mph. The deputy followed the Mercedes, which turned onto County Road on Big Pine Key.

The deputy saw broken barricades at the end of Croton Lane. About 100 feet past the barricades, the deputy saw the Mercedes quickly sinking into the water. The Sheriff’s Office’s Dive Team searched the water but did not find anyone.

A man who lives near the canal reported that his Ford F150 pickup truck was stolen. Deputies believe Slattery was the thief and used the truck to leave the Keys.

Slattery has two warrants for grand theft auto in Monroe County. The warrants will remain active depending on the outcome of Slattery’s murder case in New York, Poist said.

“Ultimately, when he’s done with that case, a determination will be made,” Poist said. “It depends on the jury.”

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