Council will talk food truck rules Tuesday

Want to grab a quick bite to eat from a food truck in the Middle Keys? Sorry, there aren’t any in Marathon.

City Councilman Steve Cook wants to change that and has put it on the agenda to talk about at the council’s meeting Tuesday. Cook said he thinks it’s “silly” food truck restrictions are the way they are in the city.

“I’ve been approached by several people with food trucks and they want to know why it’s so restrictive,” Cook said. “If they’re on private property, why do they have a limit? We need to step out of the way and let them work.”

Current rules, enacted by the City Council in 2012, allow food trucks to stay in one place for a maximum two hours and the vendor needs written permission from a “private property owner operating a retail business.” In a city right of way, the unit can be parked for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Cook wants to make it so food trucks can stay in one place for four hours with a maximum eight hours a day. He also wants to add construction sites to the list of available places for vendors. The 10-minute rule would stay but vendors could get a site-specific license.

In Key West, food trucks are allowed, according to City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley.

“There are certain zoning places they’re allowed and they have to have an occupational license like any other business,” he said, adding there are about six food trucks scattered across the island.

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