Sexual battery charge against Coral Shores teen dropped

A Coral Shores High School teen arrested on a sexual battery count last week will not be charged.

His 15-year-old accuser and her parents asked the Monroe County State Attorney’s Office to drop the charge even after the Sheriff’s Office determined last Friday there was enough evidence to arrest the boy, who is 17.

“There are a number of factors, the main one being they didn’t want to ruin his life, and they didn’t want to put their daughter through the whole legal process,” said Assistant State Attorney Gail Conolly.

The boy is accused of sexually assaulting the girl while she was a passenger in his vehicle about three weeks ago, Deputy Becky Herrin, Sheriff’s Office media relations officer, said.

The girl told police that the boy pulled his car over on a dead-end street at night. He put his hands down her pants against her will and assaulted her, she told detectives. She also repeatedly told him to stop, Herrin said.

According to both Herrin and Conolly, the boy corroborated to detectives that the girl told him “no” several times during the incident, and he has not changed his story.

“The kid was pretty cooperative and their stories matched up,” Conolly said.

Conolly even asked the parents if they wanted her to seek a lesser charge or try to have the boy placed in some sort of juvenile diversionary program, but they declined.

“This is a situation that obviously went way too far,” Conolly said.

Without the victim’s cooperation, achieving a successful prosecution is not likely, she said.

“It would be very difficult to move forward,” Conolly said.