Restaurant manager accused of secretly filming female employee

A restaurant manager was arrested on a video voyeurism charge this week after a detective stated that the man admitted to secretly filming one of his staff while she undressed in the bathroom of his apartment in May during a pool party.

Adam Roberts, 35, posted bond for $8,165 and was released from Plantation Key jail Thursday, hours after he was arrested.

According to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office probable cause affidavit, Roberts, who managed the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Florida City, invited the woman and several of her family and co-workers back to his Plantation by the Sea apartment on May 5. Around 8:30 p.m., she asked to use the bathroom in the pool area to change into dry clothes.

Roberts, according to Detective Lance Hernandez’s report, said the facilities were locked but she could use the bathroom in his apartment. But first, he told her he had to make sure his roommate was not in there. They walked up to the apartment together and he went into the bathroom, emerging about five minutes later, according to Hernandez’s report.

The woman told Hernandez she got undressed and sat down on the toilet. She looked to her left and noticed a cup holder with two cell phones inside, one in which the lens was pointing at her. She told Hernandez that she thought the way the phones were situated — and their presence in the bathroom — was odd.

She grabbed the phone pointing at her and noticed it was set to video. She played back the footage and it showed her naked from the waist down, Hernandez wrote in his report. She then picked up the phone and ran toward the apartment front door. When she encountered Roberts, he asked her if something was wrong, to which she responded, “Do you think I’m stupid?”

According to Hernandez, she went to the pool area and told her sister-in-law that she was being videoed in the bathroom. Roberts heard the conversation and denied the accusation, but left the area when he saw the woman tell her boyfriend, Hernandez wrote in his report.

The woman first contacted Florida City Police, but the agency referred her to the Sheriff’s Office since the alleged crime happened in the Keys. Hernandez had the woman place a recorded call to Roberts on May 19 asking him why he videoed her in the bathroom. According to Hernandez, he admitted to the accusation.

“Adam said that he was drunk and made a really stupid decision,” Hernandez wrote. He also told the woman that he threw the phone away.

“Adam kept telling [her] that he was really sorry for what happened,” Hernandez wrote.

Hernandez called Roberts on June 16, where he similarly said “that he was drunk that night and he stupidly put the phone in there and made a really bad mistake.”

Hernandez asked Roberts if he ever secretly videoed anyone else, to which Adams replied “no.”

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