Scott: Everyone should have evacuated

At a Middle Keys stop to talk to the media Wednesday, Gov. Rick Scott said he knew of 12 fatalities throughout the Florida Keys because of Hurricane Irma.

"That’s 12 too many," he said, adding the numbers continue to be updated.

Other reports Wednesday were that the death toll is up to eight people "due to and during the storm," according to Cammy Clark, county public information officer.

Although people across the state of Florida took seriously Scott’s warning to evacuate, he said his biggest frustration so far has been those who didn’t.

"I wanted everyone to evacuate. I didn’t want anyone to lose their life, so anybody that didn’t evacuate, I worked hard to try and get people to understand the risk of this," he said.

Scott thanked President Donald Trump for the pre-landfall declaration of a state of emergency, along with the declaration of disaster following.

Now, Scott says state, local and federal officials are needed because it’s "going to take a lot of work from a lot of people" to clean up.

"We all have to show up," he said.

He also warned those who are cleaning their properties to be careful not to be injured by debris.

In terms of power returning to the Middle and Lower Keys, he said utility workers will get their electricity back up as fast as possible.

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