Power steadily coming back on

The Florida Keys Electric Cooperative power system is now approximately 70 percent energized. If you are still without power, call (305) 852-2431 and please use the automated system to report your outage. The automated system inputs your outage accurately and immediately.

All critical facilities in the Upper and Middle Keys are now energized – All hospitals, critical government buildings, schools, sewer facilities and water pumping stations have electric service, and the Publix, Winn Dixie and Home Depot stores are open.

In the Upper Keys, we will soon complete the work to restore power to the greatest number of people in the least amount of time, and can then focus our efforts on restoring power to smaller, isolated outages.

Due to significant flooding in the Middle Keys power restoration there will take longer. In the Marathon and Key Colony Beach areas the lines cannot be energized in these areas until the City of Marathon, who has contracted several local electricians to inspect home seawater damage, deems a home safe or unsafe to receive power. We are working with the city to address these areas as timely and safely as possible.

Power Outage Viewer:

To see if your area has power, visit our live online Power Outage Viewer at www.FKEC.com. Please be aware, this viewer can indicate a neighborhood or even specific street has power, but in most cases individual, isolated outages have to be reported by the homeowner to be reflected in the viewer. If the online viewer shows your area has power and you do not, please call (305) 852-2431 and use our automated phone system to report the outage. Also, check your main breaker box to be sure the problem is not on your end.

The Restoration Process:

We continue to have 20 restoration crews working in the Upper Keys, 20 in Middle Keys, and 20-plus tree crews are clearing lines throughout our service territory. To organize the most efficient process and distribute our restoration work equally throughout the Upper and Middle Keys, we have each crew working a zone.

First the crews work to restore power to main distribution feeder lines, which generally run along US 1 and deliver power from our substations to neighborhoods. Following restoration to the feeders, the crews move down the side streets of their zone restoring power to neighborhoods and streets. Once that phase is done our crews can work to address individual, isolated outages.

Our distribution feeders are now up, and crews are working down our lateral streets bringing power back in our neighborhoods. Please give them space to work safely and efficiently.

Future Updates:

Please look for daily updates on our website, www.FKEC.com; and on social media

@FloridaKeysElectricCooperative. Also, feel free to share our posts on Facebook to help all our members receive accurate, timely information.

We appreciate the support and patience of all our FKEC members as we repair our power system following impact from Category 4 Hurricane Irma.