Keys schools still don’t know how they’ll make up days lost to Hurricane Irma

Monroe County public school students will absolutely have to make up some days lost to evacuation and recovery from Hurricane Irma, which struck the island chain Sept. 9 into Sept. 10.

But so far, the School District hasn’t developed a plan to do so.

“It’s a little bit complicated trying to deal with all the elementaries and middle schools,” said Superintendent Mark Porter. “We’re not quite there yet.”

Porter had no specific plans Friday but said sometime next week, district officials will hammer out a plan to make up time lost to Irma.

“I think everybody understands that,” Porter said. “We owe it to the students to provide them with as complete a year as we can. It won’t be 100 percent one to one, but we definitely have to make up some additional days.”

Schools reopened this week in the Upper Keys, Middle Keys and Key West, but those in the hardest-hit areas, the Big Pine Academy and Sugarloaf School, will reopen Monday.

Those schools that started Monday missed 13 days while those that started Wednesday missed 15. Schools opening Oct. 2 missed 18 days.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen