Naked Florida Keys man riding high on an afternoon buzz pops off a couple of pistol rounds, deputies say

Scheid Miami

It’s 1 p.m. You’re drunk. You’re naked. You’re not sure if the loaded .45-caliber handgun you set atop a pile of laundry works, and you have doubts about that fully loaded shotgun lying on your bed too. What do you do?

Squeeze off a couple of rounds?

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies say that’s what Roger Sheid, 66, did Tuesday afternoon while hanging out at his Transylvania Avenue house in Key Largo.

Police responded after receiving reports of gunfire. They arrived at the house and found both the front and back doors open. After they called inside for whoever was home to come out, Scheid came to the door, naked “and appeared to be intoxicated,” said Deputy Becky Herrin, media relations officer for the Sheriff’s Office.

Along with the weapons, deputies found two spent pistol casings near the house’s porch. Scheid told deputies two versions of what happened. First that he was cleaning the guns, and then, he was checking to see if they worked.

Neither answer impressed deputies, who arrested him on two counts of unlawful discharge of a firearm and one count of firing a weapon while under the influence of alcohol.