FEMA now has 4 Keys service centers

Been turned down for federal hurricane-relief help following Irma? Frustrated at the paperwork?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency now has four full-service disaster recovery centers Keyswide. These differ from previous FEMA set-ups in the Keys, which were designed just get people registered. The four centers, operating 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, are at:

▪ The Marathon Community Park, mile marker 49 oceanside.

▪ The Big Pine Community Park, at the end of Atlantis Drive on the bayside.

▪ The Islamorada fire station at mile marker 81.8.

▪ Key West fire station No. 2 at 616 Simonton St.

Each site has representatives from FEMA, the Small Business Administration and state agencies to not only help you register but update your case if you’ve already registered.

Even if you have insurance, register. FEMA can’t duplicate insurance payments but “under-insured” applicants can receive help after their insurance claims have been settled.