Key West leaders to state: Remove dangerous crosswalk now

This is Key West City Hall.
This is Key West City Hall. Keynoter

Key West city commissioners want the state to remove a crosswalk on North Roosevelt Boulevard, the one near the Kmart, where a bicyclist was killed this month.

But the state says the soonest work could begin is May 2019, according to city Engineering Director Jim Bouquet.

“Even if the city did pay for it, you’re looking at eight months to a year to get the design done,” he told city commissioners at their Tuesday meeting at City Hall, 1300 White St.

“We lost someone,” City Commissioner Richard Payne said. “How many lives is it going to take before we get something done?”

“Just take out the crosswalk,” said Commissioner Sam Kaufman. “That crosswalk needs to go.”

Kaufman, along with Police Chief Donie Lee, have been urging state officials to act more quickly in removing the crosswalk or installing a red-light crosswalk that would stop traffic at the push of a button. The one presently relies on motorists to stop for a pedestrian or bike in advance of the crosswalk.

John C. Potter, 81, died from injuries suffered in a Sept. 24 crash. Police said his bike struck a truck and the crash remains under investigation.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen