A Keys man is off to prison for 5 years. It all started when he needed a place to sleep

Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Key West homeless man will spend nearly five years in prison after pleading no contest to burglary and possession of cocaine.

Hunter Williams, 32, was caught inside a house in the 700 block of Fleming Street on May 31, 2018, telling officers he knew the home because he had done some lawn work for the owners before.

“Williams is homeless,” according to the arrest report. “So he needed a place to sleep.”

Despite there being no lack of beds inside the spacious home, Williams hid in the house.

Police found him inside the crawl space of a large, walk-in closet of a second-story bedroom. He was curled up in the fetal position. Williams had a small plastic bag containing cocaine.

By racking up the burglary and cocaine possession arrests, Williams violated his probation.

In June 2016 he stole more than $300 from a Papa John’s restaurant and was sentenced to 24 months of probation. He also failed to complete a substance abuse program, as ordered by the court.

Gwen Filosa covers Key West and the Lower Florida Keys for FLKeysNews.com and the Miami Herald and lives in Key West. She was part of the staff at the New Orleans Times-Picayune that in 2005 won two Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. She graduated from Indiana University.