A 19-year-old threatened a high school student with a knife on campus, Key West cops say

Thomas Knoop
Thomas Knoop Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A 19-year-old Key West man was arrested Friday on the campus of Key West High School after police said he threatened a student while holding a knife.

Thomas James Knoop was jailed on charges of felony aggravated battery without intent to kill and misdemeanor trespassing after he told police he pulled into the Key West High School parking lot, 2100 Flagler Ave., because a pickup truck was following him.

An argument that was “about a female,” ensued when the teens gathered in the lot on Friday, police said. The alleged victim was not named in the report.

“I told you I was going to f--- you up,” the student said Knoop told him, police said. “I’m going to f------ kill you.”

Knoop, who is not a student at Key West High, admitted he pulled the knife on the student but didn’t intend to use it, according to the arrest report. He added that his girlfriend had been threatened.

“Trust me, if I wanted to stab him, I would have stabbed him,” police said Knoop told them. “I knew that would have been a terrible idea.”

Police didn’t find the knife on Friday. Knoop said someone took it from him.

Knoop was released from the county jail on Stock Island on Saturday.

Gwen Filosa covers Key West and the Lower Florida Keys for FLKeysNews.com and the Miami Herald and lives in Key West. She was part of the staff at the New Orleans Times-Picayune that in 2005 won two Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of Hurricane Katrina. She graduated from Indiana University.