He’s 75, and off to prison for a tire-slashing spree in Key West

Ronald Wadford
Ronald Wadford Monroe County Sheriff's Office

It turns out it wasn’t a teenager going around slashing tires one night in 2013 in Key West.

It was a senior citizen, 75-year-old Ronald Morris Wadford, who originally got 60 months of probation for the tire-slashing spree in which 14 tires were rendered ruined. Police totaled the damage at about $2,500.

In 2014, Wadford pleaded no contest to 11 counts of felony criminal mischief and got the probation as a sentence.

But Wadford violated his terms of probation — he got arrested for making harassing phone calls, he didn’t pay restitution to the victims, and various fees related to his case, and he moved homes without permission. So on April 4, Judge Mark Jones revoked his probation and gave him two years.

Reports of the vehicle tire slashing spree poured in on Nov. 8, 2013, from residents in the Old Town neighborhood of Truman Avenue and Whitehead Street. Eleven people had a combined 14 tires torn overnight.

Wadford was caught four days later with a military-style can opener which police said could easily have been used to commit the crimes.

Wadford served time in Florida state prison for a cocaine charge from 2009 and a 1997 aggravated assault.

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