Key West gets soaked with more than 3 inches of rain

Video shows Key West street flooding

Flood videos by Casey Vinall of Tattoos and Desire Kidwell of Pirate's Cove.
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Flood videos by Casey Vinall of Tattoos and Desire Kidwell of Pirate's Cove.

Key West got a tremendous soaking on Tuesday, tallying up 3.14 inches of rain.

And an afternoon rainstorm left streets flooded and had drivers leaving deep wakes on the roadways.

The rainfall, measured between midnight and 8 p.m. Tuesday, was the first time Key West has received more than 3 inches of rain since May 13, 2018, according to the National Weather Service. The May 13 total was 3.10 inches.

A “very active cloud line” produced the hard rain, NWS said.

The rainfall measured at the Key West International Airport was 2.09 inches, said NWS weather forecaster Stephen Chesser.

“It shows that even across an island you can have a great disparity,” he said.

Tuesday’s rain wasn’t a record rainfall, he said, because NWS Key West hasn’t been keeping records long enough to establish the highest rainfall.

At one point Tuesday, Key West police issued a warning to drivers: Stay in unless you absolutely have to go out.

KWPD posted on Facebook that, “due to heavy rains, many streets and intersections are flooded. If you do have to drive, please drive slowly and DO NOT CREATE A WAKE.”

Many locals are accustomed to street flooding during a hard rain.

“This is common when there’s even moderate rain,” Pirates Cove restaurant posted on its Facebook page along with some video showing street flooding and passersby walking barefoot.

The rain didn’t stop the famous Conch Train tourist attraction. Video from Tattoos and Scars, a Greene Street bar, shows the “train” moving smoothly through some high water near the seaport.