A customer complained about a T-shirt’s price. Then he got punched, police said

Hadar Avraham Moshe
Hadar Avraham Moshe Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Key West T-shirt shop owner was jailed Sunday after police said he twice punched a customer who balked at being charged double for a shirt.

Hadar Avraham Moshe, who is listed as an owner of Pirate Paradise, 105 Whitehead St., and gave a Dania Beach home address, was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Moshe admitted he shoved the customer because he “thought he was going to do something” —but police said they believed the customer, John Tolomeo.

T-shirt shops in downtown Key West have long had bad reputations as places where prices rise at the cash register after they’ve been priced on the rack.

About 15 years ago, the City Commission got involved, placing new laws in place just for the T-shirt shops. They require the shops to clearly price the shirts in the shops.

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Tolomeo said he wanted to buy several items plus a T-shirt, and he was quoted a price of $15. But when he got to the register, it was rung up at $30, according to the arrest report.

The price difference started an argument between Tolomeo and Moshe, and the customer asked for his credit card back.

Moshe threw Tolomeo’s credit card at his chest and, as Tolomeo bent down to pick it up off the floor, Moshe jumped over the counter and punched Tolomeo twice in the back of the head, police said.

Moshe asked Tolomeo, after the police arrived, if they could work things out other than an arrest, but Tolomeo said he wanted to pursue criminal charges.

Moshe told police he agreed to honor the original $15 price, but said Tolomeo started speaking abusively to him and his staff.