He told police he knows his rights. He’s been arrested at least 26 times

Lazaro Gonzalez
Lazaro Gonzalez Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Florida Keys man told police not to bother reading him his Miranda rights.

He said he’s been arrested 45 times in Monroe County. Records show his personal best is only 26 though.

Lasaro Gonzalez, 46, of Stock Island, who is listed as a fisherman, was jailed Wednesday after police said he punched a man in the face and then broke a cellphone his victim used to call for help.

Gonzalez is also accused of threatening to kill Joseph Strusz, 36, and was arrested on charges of misdemeanor and criminal damage of between $200 and $1,000.

Gonzalez took off on his bicycle but the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office caught up with him not far from where he reportedly struck a Strusz in the forehead while Strusz was sitting on the hood of his car after work on Laurel Avenue on Stock Island, according to the arrest report.

When a deputy asked for his side of the story, Gonzalez “stated if he wasn’t going home he doesn’t have anything to say,” reports state.

“He uttered he has been arrested 45 times in Monroe County and knows his Miranda rights,” wrote Deputy Ty Torres.