She pawned her neighbor’s guitars while he was in jail, Florida Keys cops say

Mary Kidwell
Mary Kidwell Monroe County Sheriff's Office

A Florida Keys woman was jailed Monday after police said she broke into a man’s trailer, stole his belongings and then pawned them.

Mary Fayetta Adams Kidwell, 44, of Big Pine Key, was arrested on four charges of fraud, one charge of burglary and one charge of grand theft— all felonies.

Police said she pawned $5,500 worth of musical equipment, including a Gibson acoustic guitar, a Martin acoustic guitar and a Fender Telecaster guitar, for a total of $460. She also pawned an air rifle.

Kidwell, who is listed as a construction worker, was at the Stock Island Detention Center on Monday afternoon on $15,000 bond.

The items belong to Frederic Ames, 58, of Big Pine Key, and the theft and pawning took place in May while Ames was in jail on charges related to a DUI crash, according to the arrest report.

His son, Daniel Ames, called police May 25 and met Monroe sheriff’s deputies at his father’s trailer on Avenue C. Daniel Ames said he had gone to his father’s home a few days earlier to secure his belongings when he noticed a woman’s things, including pill bottles with the name Mary Kidwell on them, strewn about the trailer.

At the time, Kidwell was living at the same trailer park. She later became homeless, police said.

Frederic Ames told police he had left his front door unlocked because he had lost the key. He knew Kidwell and said she had “ripped” him off several times. He believes she was squatting there while he was in jail.

The trailer park owner told police he saw Kidwell in Ames’ trailer on May 23 and saw her leave the next morning. The owner of Molly’s Pawn on Big Pine Key said Kidwell had made several trips to the pawn shop the week of May 23.