Enraged driver whacks man’s head with a golf club — and it snaps in half, cops say

Edward Michael Fuller
Edward Michael Fuller

A Key Largo man was jailed after police said he clubbed a man in the face with a golf club so hard that the club snapped in half.

Edward Michael Fuller, 29, was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill and misdemeanor battery after Thursday’s incident on Hibiscus Drive.

On Friday, Fuller remained at the Stock Island Detention Center without a bond.

Detrick Whitehead, 40, of Key Largo, told Monroe County sheriff’s deputies he was walking on Kay Drive near mile marker 101 when Fuller pulled up alongside him and said, “A b---- will always be a b----,” according to the arrest report.

Whitehead said he didn’t reply and continued walking to Hibiscus Drive, where he said Fuller appeared in his truck and nearly struck him. That’s when Fuller jumped out of the truck and began fighting Whitehead, police said.

Fuller got on top of Whitehead and punched him in the face, police said, and then he got up to go to his pickup and took out a golf club.

A witness said the club snapped in half during the attack.

Then Fuller returned to his truck to grab a knife, said Whitehead, who police said had a deep cut to the left side of his face below his ear. Whitehead was treated at Mariners Hospital.

Two witnesses said Fuller had a knife. One watched the golf club attack.

Fuller said Whitehead started the fight by throwing something at his truck as he drove by on U.S. 1. Fuller turned his truck around and confronted Whitehead.

Fuller said Whitehead threw the first punch

“I’m going to kill you,” Whitehead said, according to Fuller. Fuller said he got scared and went to get his golf club out of the truck.

Fuller suffered a swollen eye and was treated at Mariners. He told police Whitehead started the fight but he won.