Police: Man goes on attack after doing ‘whip-its’

A Bible-quoting North Carolina man was jailed Sunday after police said he stomped a man while inhaling “whip-its,” a dose of nitrous oxide found in the cartridges that power whipped cream cans.

Terry Edward Backus, 46, was booked for misdemeanor battery after a witness told police he attacked a disabled man at Mallory Square, where officers arrived about 11:28 a.m. Sunday.

The witness said Backus began screaming and cursing Frank Schupman, who told him “to stay off the drugs,” according to the arrest report.

Schupman is known to police as a homeless man who lives with a brain injury and has chronic seizures, the report stated.

Backus ended up kicking Schupman “in a stomping way,” police said. Backus told police Schupman attacked him but on the ride to jail said he was sorry, quoted Bible verses and blamed his behavior on the nitrous, police say. He listed “preacher” as his occupation.

Roommates jailed

Two Key West women were arrested for misdemeanor battery after police said they came to blows, wrestling on the floor at one point, over a roommate dispute.

Barbara Anderson, 54, and Kendra Haines, 46, were arrested at 312 Margaret St. after officers arrived at 11:19 p.m. Sunday. Each woman blamed the other for the fight but police decided to arrest both after hearing their stories and a version from Anderson’s nephew who was present.

Anderson said Haines came home from work and they began arguing over Haines having stayed there for six months without paying rent.

“Anderson said she was helping out Haines but now wants her out of the house,” police wrote. Anderson, who police said had been drinking, had called police but Haines said she had called police numerous times before over Anderson being “aggressive.”

DUI arrest

A woman’s blood-alcohol level was clocked at 0.33 percent during a crash investigation April 22, according to an arrest report.

Julie Gunderson, 32, a server in Key West, refused to speak to officers without her attorney present. She is due before Judge Wayne Miller on May 8.

“Ms. Gunderson blew a 0.329 twice,” the report states. On Florida, .08 percent is legally drunk.

Gunderson was caught at the intersection of Catherine and White streets at about 8:30 p.m.