Stock Island man, 18, caught huffing cleaning duster in park

An 18-year-old Stock Island man was jailed Monday after police said they caught him inhaling an aerosol can of cleaning duster at a park.

Anniel Torres was booked for misdemeanor inhaling harmful chemical after Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies found him lying beneath a gazebo between two picnic tables outside the Park Village Condos on 7th Avenue on Stock Island with the nozzle of a duster can inside his mouth, according to the arrest report.

Tuesday, Torres remained jailed without bond at the Stock Island Detention Center.

Torres was on his side and moaning in a “comatose state,” police said, but then he snapped out of it and explained he bought the 10-ounce bottle of spray cleaner, used to clean computer keyboards and other electronics, at the Office Depot in Key West in order to get high.

“He stated that he inhales the cleaning duster because it clears his head and gives him a feeling of being high,” wrote Deputy Anthony Lopez.

Torres added he had been inhaling the duster for about ten minutes before police arrived.

The spray duster contains difluoroethane, a gas that causes intoxication when ingested and can cause death, according to a warning label on the can.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen