Not satisfied with a speeding ticket, Texas man ends up in Florida Keys jail

After receiving a speeding ticket, do you: A) Cooperate with the police officer and calmly drive on your way at the posted speed limit? Or, B) Argue with the police officer, speed off, run a stop sign and cut off a motorcycle?

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says it booked a Houston, Texas man into Plantation Key jail Wednesday night after he chose answer B. As of Thursday morning, Steven Kubas, 31, was in jail on a reckless driving charge, and also misdemeanor marijuana and drug paraphernalia charges.

Deputy Orlando Alvarez wrote in his report that he spotted Kubas driving his Chevrolet Corvette shortly before 11 p.m. going 81 mph in a 45 mph zone southbound on U.S. 1 near mile marker 104. Alvarez pulled Kubas over in a parking lot. According to Alvarez, Kubas was argumentative and denied he was speeding.

After Alvarez handed him the speeding ticket, Kubas told him he’d see him in court and sped off, Deputy Becky Herrin, Sheriff’s Office media relations officer, said.

Alvarez said Kubas drove directly in the path of an oncoming motorcycle, the driver of which was forced to take evasive actions so as not to crash into Kubas’ Corvette, Herrin said.

Alvarez followed Kubas and wrote in his report that the Corvette was clocked at speeds as high as 115 mph in a 45 mph zone. Alvarez turned on his flashing lights and radioed ahead for other deputies to be on the lookout for Kubas’ car. Kubas pulled over at mile marker 102.

“Kubas told the deputy he was speeding because he was angry about getting a ticket,” Herrin said.

Inside the Corvette, deputies found a small amount of marijuana, “drug paraphernalia” and a 9 mm pistol.