Report: Driver uses loose change as a road rage weapon

A Little Torch Key woman found a criminal way to get rid of spare change, police said.

Gabrielle Lynn Tognieri, 36, hurled coins at another driver while illegally passing him on the left shoulder of the Bahia Honda Bridge about 11:43 p.m. Sunday while both drivers were southbound.

The coins hit the 25-year-old Marathon man in the face and left a small cut beneath his left eye, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

“He almost crashed from her throwing the coins,” deputies wrote. “He stopped his vehicle and she then called him a ‘faggot.’ ”

Tognieri then followed the man, passed him and then stopped lying in wait for him and for a second time threw change at him, police said.

Tognieri was arrested for felony weapons offense since she allegedly hurled the change into a vehicle and misdemeanor battery. She admitted throwing the change and told deputies it was because the man’s “vehicle was not allowing her to see what’s in front of his vehicle,” the report states.

“She kept saying he had a large object behind his vehicle that was interfering with her driving,” Deputy Wendy Negron wrote, adding the man’s items were stowed in the car’s trunk.

Tognieri was released from the Stock Island Detention Center Monday after posting $4,000 bond.