Police: Suspect won’t stop spitting


An Ohio man was jailed July 28 after police said he spat on two Key West officers while on the way to jail for battering his partner at a resort.

Joshua McLaughlin, 30, of Columbus, Ohio, continued to scream and bang his head against the police cruiser window after police fitted him with a “spit hood mask,” according to the arrest report due to his continued spitting.

Police were called to 724 Duval St. at 3:18 p.m. for a report of a couple fighting. While speaking with McLaughlin’s partner, McLaughlin began cursing at him and berating him in front of officers, refusing to police’s direction for him to stop.

“McLaughlin stated that he was not going to stop and that I was unable to stop him because of who his dad was,” wrote officer Robert Bulnes. “At that point I placed him in handcuffs.”

McLaughlin allegedly spit in the face of Officer Janeth Del Cid and several times on Bulnes.

The report doesn’t include McLaughlin’s father’s name.

While running McLaughlin’s name through the computer system, police said they found an active warrant from Ohio dated June 8 accusing him of prior drug charges, forgery, “criminal simulation,” theft and receiving stolen property.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen