Couple stalked couple, police say


A Big Pine Key couple were jailed after police said they sent threatening text and voice mail messages to another couple that had been their tenants recently.

Omitsu Cervantes, 35, and Enrique Valdes Jr., 42, were arrested for misdemeanor stalking Aug. 2 after a man called police over the constant messages demanding more money.

Cervantes and Valdes had rented a room to the couple but they wanted to move out in early June, having prepaid for the month. Even after they kicked in an additional $100, police said, Cervantes and Valdes wanted more and sent messages saying they would air their “dirty laundry” and send them to prison.

At one point, Valdes threw something heavy tucked inside a Crown Royal bag at the man’s car while he was driving on Rockland Key, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said.

Inn guest busted for stealing

A Key West inn called police after finding $216 missing from the safe and police identified one of their guests as the thief who entered the office on July 31 and Aug. 1.

James Chappell, 44, of Wellington, Fla., was arrested for felony burglary and for felony public order crimes for wearing a mask or hood during a crime.

Inn management identified Chappell from the video but he denied taking the money.

Chappell said he was the male in the video wearing the hoodie but said he was dressed like that because “he wanted to go fight some black males for hitting on his girlfriend,” police said.

In one video, the burglar walks into the office with a beer in his hand.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen