Stock Island stabbing leads to arrest

A 77-year-old Stock Island man was jailed after police said he drunkenly stabbed a man he had been arguing with for the past five days.

Manuel Garcia was arrested for aggravated battery in the Sept. 29 incident in which police said he used a 10-inch filet knife on his victim, Jesus Gonzalez, 66, who was cut on his left hand on on the left side of his chest, deputies said.

The two men had been arguing for the past five days, according to a witness who lives at the same trailer as Garcia, the police report states. The witness said he had been sleeping in the back of the trailer and awoke to the sound of the two men arguing. He walked out to check on them and found the Gonzalez bleeding.

Gonzalez told deputies the witness had invited him over but when he got there, Garcia told him to leave.

Garcia appeared intoxicated and was surrounded by several empty beer cans when found around him at his home at 5515 5th Ave., deputies said.

“Mr. Garcia voluntarily stated in English that he stabbed Mr. Gonzalez after arguing with him and he did not care about going to jail because of his age,” wrote Deputy John Allen.

Gonzalez was treated and released from the hospital.

Garcia Tuesday remained at the Stock Island Detention Center on $75,000 bond.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen