Man with long criminal past busted for beating woman

A man who reportedly tried to swim away after attacking his girlfriend Wednesday on Big Coppitt Key faces new charges linked to a lengthy criminal history in Minnesota.

Kainun J. Thorson, 28, was living and working in the Lower Keys without registering as a convicted felon and sexual offender, according to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies Freddy Rodriguez and Dave Chavka went to the Circle K store on Big Coppitt Wednesday afternoon after witnesses reported that a man was "beating his girlfriend" outside the store. A man and woman were holding Thorson, seated on his motorcycle, when the deputies arrived.

Rodriguez used his Taser stun device on Thorson, who dropped the motorcycle. But Thorson ran off and jumped into nearby water. He soon surrendered but gave deputies "several false names before correctly identifying himself," deputies said.

Witnesses said Thorson had knocked the woman to the ground, then kicked and dragged her. He initially was charged with battery, fleeing from police, resisting arrest, giving a false name to officers and failing to register as a convicted felon.

Counts of failing to register as a sexual offender were added Thursday. Details of the sexual-offender case were not available at press time. He remains jailed under a $95,000 bond.

In Minnesota, Thorson's history of 11 felony and "gross misdemeanor" convictions dates to 2004. Counts include burglary, felony drug possession, forgery, fleeing from police officer and failure to register as a felon. He served two prison sentences in Minnesota.

In 2008, a news account said Thorson was holding 28 ounces of marijuana and $2,000 cash when he was caught after running from police during a traffic stop.

He was booked into the Keys jail around 5 p.m. Wednesday.