Man faces slew of charges after homeowner finds him in house with gun

A Stock Island man woke up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday to find a burglar threatening him with a handgun, he told Monroe County Sheriff's Office deputies.

The Miriam Street resident said the burglar "pointed the gun at him and told him to put his hands up," said Sheriff's Office information officer Becky Herrin. The burglar then warned the man not to call the police, and left the home.

A suspect, Manuel H. Argomaniz, 19, later was arrested after an investigation headed by Detective David Brummer.

Argomaniz was booked into jail on a litany of charges, including committing an armed home invasion, and being a convicted felony in possession of gun. He remains in custody with no bond allowed.

According to the Sheriff's Office report, the Stock Island victim said he heard his front door open and found a burglar inside. After threatening him with a handgun, the burglar warned the resident not to call the police and left the home. 

Moments later, several area residents heard what sounded like a gunshot. A .45-caliber shell casing later was found in the street. No one was injured.

Video-surveillance cameras in the area recorded Argomaniz riding a bicycle away from the scene, the Sheriff's Office reported. 

Key West police told Brummer that in a separate incident from the same night, a city man said a suspect he knew to be Argomaniz had threatened him with a gun. Information led to Argomaniz's arrest near a 3rd Avenue business on Stock Island.

Argomaniz was found in possession of a handgun, and a bicycle that turned out to have been taken from another Miriam Street home. 

Detectives were checking the possibility that Argomaniz's gun had been stolen in another recent burglary.

Argomaniz did not list an address but was arrested locally in September and November of 2012 on counts of burglary and theft. 

When jailed Saturday, he was wanted on several warrants charging him with violating his probation. Additional charges are pending.