3 from Miami charged in Keys for trying to steal credit-card info

Suspects in the attempted theft of credit-card information from a Key Largo auto-parts store nearly ran down a store employee as they sped away in a pickup truck Monday, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office reports.

Three men, all from Miami, were arrested on felony counts after deputies stopped their truck five miles away. 

Deputies found an electronic device believed to have been used in the effort to steal financial information from a computer at Advance Auto Parts a few yards away from the truck, where the device apparently had been tossed.

Amaury Medero, 40, was booked on six felony counts, including aggravated assault, possession of a counterfeit credit card, and illegally accessing a computer.

Truck driver Manuel Parada, 40, was arrested on a count of aggravated assault. Leandry Parada-Martinez, 20, and Parada both were booked on a count of being a principal in committing a felony.

Witnesses told deputies that around 10:30 a.m., they saw Medero and Parada-Martinez "tampering" with a computer under the front desk at the mile marker 99.2 store.

The two men ran out when they realized they'd been seen and "jumped into a blue 2004 Dodge Durango, yelling at the driver to leave quickly," Sheriff's Office information officer Becky Herrin recounted.

"The vehicle almost hit a store employee as it drove away," she said

Deputy E.B. Askins spotted the truck at marker 101 and stopped it three miles later.

Detective Sgt. David Carey said in a report that the suspects apparently were trying to "access and copy customer data in the auto store’s computer."

Medero used a phony credit card to make a purchase at the store just before the attempted information theft, Herrin said.

All three men remained in Monroe County custody on no bond at press time Tuesday.