Upper Keys man accused of planting hidden camera in bathroom to videotape teen girl

A 44-year-old Islamorada man was jailed Friday, arrested on a felony charge for allegedly secretly videotaping a teenage girl in the bathroom of her Islamorada home.

Douglas Adams, whom Monroe County Detention Center booking records list as a "waste operator," was charged with video voyeurism after the 16-year-old girl reportedly found the camera hidden in a clock in the bathroom.

When she found it, she looked at it closer and realized it contained a hidden camera, Deputy Becky Herrin said. She removed the digital storage card from the device, copied it to her computer, "realized she was being video recorded and told her older sister," Herrin said. The girls then told their mother.

On Jan. 1, Detective Manny Cuervo was assigned to investigate and found evidence that "Adams was shown clearly on the camera’s video recording placing the device in the bathroom," Herrin said.

Herrin didn't say how Adams got the camera into the bathroom or if he and the girl's family know each other.

Adams apparently has been released from jail pending a court apppearance.