Cops: Key Largo man tired of 'illegal immigrants' breaks into house, pulls knife

A Key Largo man reportedly tired of "illegal immigrants" was jailed Friday for threatening a man with a knife after asking a group of people for "their papers," the Monroe County Sheriff's Office says.

The 50-year-old man that Dean Ford, 53, allegedly pulled the knife on is from Miami and was born in the United States, the agency says.

Deputy Becky Herrin said that about 1 p.m., Ford told Deputy Dave Campbell, who had been called to Ocean Way Drive in Rock Harbor after Ford pulled the knife, that he is "tired of all these illegal immigrants living and working in the area" and said he "was going to deal with it."

The Miami man told Campbell he was working on a house on Ocean Way Drive when Ford "burst in the door" and demanded to see immigration papers. Ford, after cutting window screens on the house, reportedly hit the man on his hand with the knife when the victim went to get his phone to call police.

Neighbors recognized witness descriptions of Ford, who lives in an apartment on Buttonwood Circle. That's where he was arrested on felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary, and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal mischief. Bond was set at $114,000.