Money-hungry suspect chows cash while being taken to jail

Even in the expensive Florida Keys, you can get a pretty darn good meal for $277. Or you can just save the cooking time and chow down the cash.

That's what a Marathon man did Wednesday following his arrest on several charges following an argument with his girlfriend, says the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Leosvel Cordova-Parrado, 36, is accused of stealing and then eating the money -- or at least some of it -- while handcuffed and being hauled to jail in a police cruiser.

"I observed the defendant literally had his mouth full of currency and was chewing it as if he was attempting to swallow it," Deputy Joel Slough wrote in the arrest report.

He immediately pulled over and "began an unsuccessful attempt to recover the evidence" by applying pressure to Cordova-Parrado's neck. "He actively resisted me by clamping his jaws shut and refusing to open his mouth."

No money came out, although once at the jail, Slough found a $5 bill and a $1 bill in the suspect's underwear. "A review of the video clearly shows the defendant concealing the stolen currency in his pants and then later consuming the evidence until discovered."

The situation started around 8:45 p.m. when deputies were called to 1507 Overseas Highway on a report of domestic battery on Cordovo-Parrado's live-in girlfriend, Lissette Martinez.

Their argument started earlier in the night at another house when another man touched Martinez on the knee, Slough wrote, and then Cordova-Parrado pushed Martinez and allegedly took her wallet, which contained $750.

When deputies arrived at the house, they also found a Diazepam pill, for which Cordova-Parrado doesn't have a prescription, and some of the money.

He faces grand theft, robbery, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and battery charges.

As for the money, "there still is $277 unaccounted for," Slough wrote, the amount Cordova-Parrado likely ate. What the denominations were, Slough didn't say.